Rooney drifts into the space between the opposition’s midfield

His hat trick away at West Ham to turn a 2 0 loss into a 3 2 lead was simply outstanding. His goal against Chelsea at Stamford Bridge in the Champions League was perfect and his performance in Germany last week was nothing short of brilliant. He is no longer at the top of a packed midfield and the focal point of all crosses and long balls. He has been converted into a prototypical “number 10” as he plays as an attacking midfielder from the center and is able to creatively dictate the flow of the game. With Javier Hernandez’s dangerous movement in front of him, defenders have a conundrum. Rooney drifts into the space between the opposition’s midfield and defence, pulling players into uncomfortable positions as Chicharito plays on the shoulder of the last defender. Wing wizards Valencia and Nani are always available out wide should the opposition’s fullback consider doubling up and Ryan Giggs has also been given a free role in the midfield to retain possession. The result? An extremely hard to beat Manchester United team that plays in a fluid and deadly 4 2 3 1.

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