The topic is expected to come up when Petitpas Taylor meets her

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canada goose sale online She issued a statement Thursday saying her department is satisfied that Quebec decided to fall in line with the law.”We are pleased with Quebec’s decision to ban user charges, and note the actions of the government of Quebec to ensure Quebecers have access to health care based on need, and not ability or willingness to pay,” the statement said.”The current reporting mechanisms are not strong. Moreover, there is no incentive to encourage provinces and territories to report accurately and tackle the issue of patient charges,” the statement said.The topic is expected to come up when Petitpas Taylor meets her provincial colleagues for the first time next week.Quebec’s Health Minister Gatan Barrette says his province has done nothing wrong in allowing doctors to charge extra fees to access health services. (Radio Canada)Quebec’s auditor general reported that the provincial government collected between $9.9 million and $18 million in extra fees from patients in 2015.The federal health minister sent a letter in the fall of 2016, informing the province that the health transfer it receives from the federal government would be $9.9 million short at the end of the fiscal year to reflect the charges canada goose sale online.

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